Vellies shoes

The first pair of Vellies shoes was created in South Africa in 1963. The brand has since expanded to different continents and styles. The name vellies means “little brother,” and the shoe originated with the Maasai people. The shoes have since been popularized throughout the world. James uses the same techniques used by artisans of the Maasai to create its footwear. Today, the company is the second largest manufacturer of these comfortable and fashionable sandals.

The origins of the vellies name derive from the Afrikaans word vel, which means skin. It is from this root that the traditional veldskoen were born. The original vellies were made of leather from a cow’s hide and were extremely comfortable and durable. They were originally worn by farmers and safari guides, but today they are widely worn by fashion conscious consumers. A good pair of VELLIES will not only make you feel good, but will make a fashion statement too.

The brand started in 1963 in South Africa. James works with local farmers to ensure ethical procurement of the materials used in their shoes. This way, he can control the price of the shoes, and keep the quality and style consistent. The shoes are made from 100% genuine leather and have a rubber sole. They are versatile and work well with any outfit. The soft leather footbed and the rubber sole make them extremely comfortable and stylish. The company also offers a kid’s line of shoes that are made of recycled car tires and use the softest hides and fabrics available.

The company produces a range of shoes for men, women, and children. The sandals are particularly comfortable and durable. The brand’s distinctive style is based on unique materials and design elements. The brand’s veldskoen is made of sustainable kudu leather and springbok hide. This leather is also very flexible and can be resoled. Most veldskoen styles are available in solid colours, and are priced between $200 and $400. The company limits the number of veldskoens produced each year, because demand is high.

Initially a small shop, brother Vellies quickly became a global phenomenon. Its designs are now worn by people from all over the world, from safari guides in South Africa to fashionistas in New York. Despite the cult following that follows veldskoen, the company is still small enough to experiment with different materials. However, it’s still a family-run business and the company’s cash flow is based entirely on online orders.

Brother Vellies shoes have a strong history and are still popular today. They were first developed in the early sixties and are now available in many different styles. They are handcrafted in a South African workshop and have a contemporary feel. The veldskoens are known to be very comfortable and durable and have been worn for decades by farmers and safari guides. But nowadays, they are not only comfortable, but they are also stylish and a great fashion statement.

The name “vellies” comes from the German word for leopard. The shoe’s name means “little wolf.” It is a word that’s associated with hunting in the wild. The shoes look like they are made of a soft material, which makes them comfortable for long walks. But it’s not only the color that matters – the brand’s story goes much further. The company’s ethos is to create a shoe that not only looks good, but also reflects the company’s commitment to sustainable and ethical fashion.

The brand’s unique style and design distinguishes it from other brands in the same category. Its unique style and quality makes it the preferred choice for women and men alike. And the brand is backed by a New York art director and a South African shoe manufacturer. Moreover, it is one of the few companies in the world that has managed to create a shoe that is not only stylish but also sustainable. These boots are designed to withstand wear and tear and are a perfect fit for everyday use.

The name “vellies” is derived from the Afrikaans word “vel”, which means skin. This word has become the basis for the name of this footwear brand. The name has been used since then to refer to the leather used in the shoes. The vellies are characterized by their sturdy and comfortable design, making them an excellent choice for any season. The most popular Vellies are the Legion vellies, which are handmade and come in several colors.