Sydney Neurosurgeon

When you’re looking for a neurosurgeon in Sydney, you want someone who is well-qualified and who specializes in the field of neurology. There are many options to consider. Dr. Brian Kenneth Owler is a Sydney neurosurgeon who was recently elected as president of the Australian Medical Association. He was previously president of the AMA.

Dr Laban

Dr Laban is a dual-certified neurosurgeon and spine surgeon who specialises in state-of-the-art spine, peripheral nerve, and brain surgery. Dr Laban uses robotics, computer-guidance, and minimally invasive techniques to treat patients.

A specialist in spinal disorders, cranial neurosurgery, and peripheral nerve surgery, Dr Laban has a wide range of clinical experience and is renowned for his compassionate care. He is a member of the Society of British Neurological Surgeons, Neurosurgical Society of Australasia, and Cooperative Trials Group in Neuro-Oncology. Dr Laban’s multidisciplinary team provides world-class care to patients, listening to their concerns and devising comprehensive treatment programs. He consults at North Shore Private Hospital and Double Bay Private Hospital.

He is a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and a specialist in minimally invasive spinal surgery. He has over 20 years of experience as a spine and brain surgeon. In addition, he is actively involved in evidence-based research, leveraging his skills as a brain specialist and spine surgeon. He is one of the best Sydney neurosurgeons and a top ten neurosurgeon in Australia.

Dr Richard Parkinson

Dr Richard Parkinson, a Sydney neurosurgeon, specializes in neuro-interventional spine surgery and minimally invasive spine surgery. He has over 20 years of experience performing these types of procedures and has built a reputation for conservative care. He trained in Australia and has performed spine surgeries at Sydney’s leading private hospitals.

He is a Fellowship trained Neurosurgeon who treats a variety of conditions in the neck and spine, including disc protrusions and sports injuries. He practices in the Darlinghurst area of Sydney. You can find Dr Parkinson’s details and appointment availability on Healthengine. You can also find more information about his training and experience through his website

Dr Parkinson’s specialties include spinal disorders and brain injuries caused by trauma and sports activities. He also treats people with neurological problems associated with concussions. His passion for sports has led him to specialise in sports-related injuries.

Dr Raoul Pope

Dr Raoul Pope is a New Zealander who graduated from the University of Otago Medical School in 1996. He then went on to complete a General Resident Medical Officer post in Christchurch Hospital. He also undertook tenures in Rural Emergency and Intensive Care at various NSW Base Hospitals. He later completed Neurosurgical Registrar work in Sydney. He is a member of the Australian Medical Association and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

Dr Raoul Pope is an experienced neurosurgeon who specializes in spinal disorders and minimally invasive surgery. He has been involved in neurosurgery for over a decade and uses the latest technology and techniques to improve patient outcomes. He is currently practicing at The Mater Private Hospital and Concord Hospital in Sydney, where he heads the neurosurgical service.

Dr Raoul Pope’s practice is located in Burwood and North Sydney. He specializes in treating spinal tumours, using minimally invasive techniques. He also practices at the Sydney Spine Institute.

Dr Michael Biggs

Dr Biggs has extensive experience in peripheral nerve surgery, microvascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia, and base of skull surgery. He completed his MBBS in 1985 and advanced neurosurgical training in Sydney. He also has a special interest in treating traumatic brain injuries.

After a successful career as a neurosurgeon, Dr Biggs decided to switch his focus to medical management, completing an online MBA from La Trobe University. During his 27-year career, he has performed over 10,000 operations on patients. His extensive knowledge has helped him establish himself as a leading expert in neurosurgery.

As a consultant neurosurgeon at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, Dr Biggs has expanded his practice to include a Neurosurgical Unit in the North Shore Private Hospital. He served as the head of the Department of Neurosurgery at the private hospital from July 1998 until April 2015. Today, the department employs nine neurosurgeons and performs over 1400 operations a year.

Prof Owler

Brian Owler is an Australian neurosurgeon who practices in Bella Vista, Wahroonga, North Sydney. He specializes in a variety of procedures, including brain tumours and hydrocephalus. He also has expertise in spinal and deep brain surgery, as well as minimally invasive techniques. In addition to his clinical practice, Prof Owler has a long history of public health advocacy.

As a neurosurgeon, Professor Owler treats a wide range of conditions, including brain tumours, pituitary tumours, hydrocephalus, normal pressure hydrocephalus, cervical myelopathy, lumbar disc protrusion, and lumbar stemnosis. He takes the time to listen to patients and explains the treatment options available and the expected results.

Prof Owler is also a renowned medical figure, having served as the President of the NSW and Federal Australian Medical Associations. He is actively involved in public health campaigns, including the RTA/NSW AMA road safety campaign and lobbying to improve safety in swimming pools. As an advocate for public health, Prof Owler has worked with the NSW Government to reduce the number of fatal and seriously injured road accident victims.